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Photo Credit: Kurt E. Johnson 2016

Rachel Rose grew up on the East Coast of the United States, loving all types of music, from musical theatre to rock and roll. Having grown up in a musical family, Rachel began singing at an early age which eventually led her to the Berklee College of Music in Boston. While at Berklee, Rachel studied under incredible musicians and songwriters including Lenny Stallworth, Scarlett Keys, Jon Aldrich, Leanne Ungar, and others. These experiences led her to performances with artists such as George Clinton and P-Funk.

The name “Lightning Rose” begins with Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship founder, Paul Kantner. In 2015, Paul hired Rachel to sing for his Rock & Roll Hall of fame inducted band, Jefferson Starship. Unfortunately, Paul soon passed away in January of 2016. Adding insult to injury, two days after his passing, Rachel was informed that the band was now looking at other options for vocalists. She was half the age of the next youngest band member, and in comparison, inexperienced. Now, in the wake of losing their founder, was not the time for the band to take a chance on a young vocalist.

Rachel took inspiration from Paul’s teasing her as “Lightning Rose” (after a song he wrote by the same name,) and immediately began writing music, using her experiences to fuel her creativity. With fans and supporters reaching out from around the world, Rachel became even more determined to make her late mentor proud.

Rachel assembled a team of musicians that she knew would help bring her visions to life, and “Lightning Rose” began to take shape. Rachel hopes to make waves within the music industry and beyond, and to help inspire positive change in the world.

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